Prank Text Messages

Evolution of Pranks

From Prank Phone calls to Prank Text Messaging

Performing a prank on other people over the phone has been a long standing tradition. There is really nothing wrong with sending a prank message as long as it is not mean spirited and is done just for a good clean laugh. Of course, with more and more pranksters taking their “art form” to the digital space it is becoming quite hard to make one that is original, funny and epic. There have been prank text messages that have become the stuff of legends with the sheer ingenuity of the setup and the punch line. There are actually several websites and phone apps that allow users to send anonymous prank SMS to anyone they want. If you are planning to use this services just remember to not use it to be hurtful but use it to put a smile on people’s face, maybe at their expense but still.

A geeky and fun way to perform a prank text message on your friends is by using anonymous and fake SMS. You can find hundreds of websites that offer these mischievous services. It is pretty simple really; you input the number of your friend and then choose what number they will see as the sender. Most of these websites will only allow for a set number of messages to be sent by a single user every day so make the most of it. As with any good prank, the setup and the punch line must be original and can completely blindside the person getting prank. You don’t want to be labeled as a lame prankster, do you? So how does using these websites to send anonymous text messages work? It is quite simple and you can think of the process as spoofing. While this practice is not ethical and you can’t really prevent unscrupulous people from using these services, but when used just for a plain fun prank it is one of the best tools out there.

In fact, sending prank text messages aren’t the only use of these websites. You never know when the occasion will call for something like this to be used. There are many ways to go about sending a prank SMS, setting up the prank is the most important part. Think of it as a hook, line and sinker kind of deal. You must first dangle the bait and once they bite you reel them in for the big reveal. There are several hilarious pranks you can read online and you’ll see just how far you can take a prank without actually hurting anyone. This is the genius of a great prank text message, something that everyone will get a big laugh out of.

A very easy SMS prank idea that you can use is by faking a subscription to a random paid text service of your choosing. Think of something that no one would want to be caught being subscribed to and start sending in those texts. As stated earlier, you don’t want to be mean spirited when sending a prank SMS. There is a fine line between sending a prank through text and being an online bully. That is something that is heavily frowned upon and if you look at the best prank messages online you will find that none of it resorts to hurtful mud-slinging. Remember that prank text messaging is perfectly fine and fun as long as you know what line not to cross.